Free downloads

On this page you can find a list of available free materials for download. The list will be constantly updated.

Free technical documentation templates

  • This pdf document is a handy template when carrying out general IT infrastructure audits.
  • This .pdf document includes necessary items to be assessed while preparing for an application migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • The purpose of this .pdf document is to provide a free online course template which any technical instructor can utilize when preparing for an online course.
  • This .xlsx document includes a test script template with test steps, test outcomes and action items. It covers baseline steps for application unit testing, integration testing, load testing, performance and scalability testing, availability testing, SRE, chaos testing and IaC testing. Review my article on Azure cloud infrastructure and application testing for more details. (coming soon)
  • This .pdf document includes necessary tasks and procedures to run as a response to a cyber security attack (including ransomware attacks). (coming soon)

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Free code and script templates

You can find more code and scripts at

  • This file includes a Powershell script template. It is compatible with both Powershell 5.x and Powershell core.
  • This file includes a Python script template.


  • This file includes a Python program template.


  • This file includes an Azure ARM template (coming soon).
  • This file includes an Azure Bicep template (coming soon).
  • This file includes an Azure Terraform template (coming soon).

Free course training content