VAR stands for vector autoregression. It is a regression algorithm commonly used in multivariate time series forecasting problems. See the ARIMA algorithm for univariate time series forecasting.


In machine learning (ML), variance is a concept which is related to errors in the model's predictions, as a results of over-sensitivity and high correlation of the machine learning algorithm to the training data. Due to this over-sensitivity, the ML model becomes complex to explain (explainability) and it captures the complexity inside the training data ... Read more

Virtual machine

A virtual machine is a cloud-based or on-premises based virtual computer which runs under the control of a hypervisor host cluster. A hypervisor is computer software, firmware or hardware which is able to create and run virtual machines. There are two basic types of server virtualization, i.e. type 1 and type 2. Type 1 hypervisors ... Read more