PaaS in Cloud Computing refers to Platform As A Service. This refers to any service which exposes application platform access without requirement for operating system administration.


Pandas is an open source library in Python. Pandas provides functions and tools to allow management of data structures and data analysis. Therefore Pandas library is particularly useful in data science, data engineering and machine learning. The official documentation of the pandas functions is available at: Pydata community is a member of the NumFocus ... Read more


In machine learning, PCA stands for Principal Component Analysis. PCA is used to tackle a known ML problem when a dataset has a large number of features, i.e. high dimensions, also known as the curse of dimensionality. The ML feature engineering engineering techniques available are classified into feature selection and feature extraction techniques. Dimensionality reduction ... Read more


In statistics, a percentile is a term that describes how a score compares to other scores from the same set. While there is no universal definition of percentile, it is commonly expressed as the percentage of values in a set of data scores that fall below a given value, for example the 25th percentile, the ... Read more


PRC stands for precision–recall curve. It is a method of visualizing the tradeoff between precision and recall. Precision and recall are both model performance metrics , aka cost function, for classification systems.


In statistics and machine learning, precision is a measure of how often the positives identified by a learning model are true positives. This is a division of true positives (based on the confusion matrix) by all estimated positives (=true positives + false positives). The precision metric is commonly used in conjunction with recall, to evaluate ... Read more


Python is an imperative computer programming language. Python is very versatile and flexible and can accommodate a series of problem solving algorithms in various  knowledge domains. One scientific area in which Python excels is Machine Learning and, consequently, Artificial Intelligence. Python code, including libraries of classes and functions, are organized into packages and modules. A ... Read more